Intermag Technical Grade Magnesium Chemicals

INTERMAG pharmaceutical grades and pure magnisium chemical grades have many uses:

PHARMACEUTICALS - Magnesium chemicals are used in many pharmaceutical preparations as both active components and excipients.

TABLETTING - Magnesium Stearate is added both as a useful source of magnesium and as a lubricant.

TRADITIONAL OTC products contain magnesium carbonate and trisilicate as antacids; also magnesium sulphate for its laxative properties.

FOOD and FOOD SUPPLEMENTS - Magnesium compounds are used in food supplements to boost the level of dietary magnesium, and can act as flow-aids e.g. in table salt.

COSMETICS - Magnesium Carbonate is added to talc to improve physical properties and act as a carrier for fragrance.

Just some of the ways they are used:
  • RUBBER COMPOUNDING - Intermag grades of magnesium oxide, hydroxide and carbonate are used in the rubber industry in a variety of ways: anti - scorch additives, fillers and curing aids. They are packed in low-melt poly-sachets, in bags or cartons to meet individual customer requirements
  • PLASTICS MANUFACTURE - Packed for convenient use, magnesium oxide is a filler, acid acceptor and thickener. Magnesium hydroxide is a flame retardant and smoke suppressant filler.
  • WATER TREATMENT - magnesium oxide and hydroxides powders and "Hydromag G" granular magnesium hydroxide neutralise acidic water and effluents and can absorb or precipitate dissolved metal impurities.
  • ANIMAL FEED SUPPLEMENTS - provide a source of magnesium in animal feeds, mixes, calf milk supplements and "lick-blocks".
  • CONSTRUCTION - Magnesium oxide and Magnesium chloride are the essential components of Sorel cement. Magnesium oxide is used in fast - setting road patching compounds.
  • CHEMICALS INDUSTRY - Magnesium oxides, hydroxides and carbonates are used as a starting point in the production of other magnesium chemicals and for pH control in chemical reactions.
  • BOILER ADDITIVES - Magnesium Oxide and hydroxide raise the melting point of ash, making it friable and more easily removed.
  • GLASS MANUFACTURE - ingredients in speciality glass, fibre glass and frits.
  • CERAMICS - basic ingredients in speciality semi-conductors and technical ceramic products.
  • FERTILISERS - sources of magnesium in fertilisers and horticultural products
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